Why don’t aliens “e.t.’s” wear clothes or carry any gadgets?

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I read about people claiming to have worked with E.T.’s or to have gotten pictures of them. You would think these aliens would wear some sort of clothing when traveling across the universe and carry some type of ‘handheld’ device or other. Yet I’ve never seen this type of evidence.

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11 Comments on "Why don’t aliens “e.t.’s” wear clothes or carry any gadgets?"


cause they don’t exist

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Maybe, since they are more advanced than humans, they do not have a sick ********* mind like humans do.

Beehive Ineferno | February 21st, 2010 at 8:41 pm

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because there stupid aliens
so stupid that they would come to earth
what have we got that they would want?

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Because their civilization has advanced far past ours and they are now dealing with more pressing matters. They don’t have time to worry about who’s alien wiener is bigger. Who said they don’t carry gadgets?

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Because that’s how Hollywood portrays them…that’s how all those faked photos portrayed them….Why they always have basically the same look.. big eyes..big heads..tiny mouth..skinny bodies….long fingers….no clothes…..and lookin like they are about 4 feet tall……seems to be the normal way that they get described by Hollywood and all those disillusioned people who believe they are real.

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Because those photos you saw are fake, and made by people who want to believe aliens exsist, so they make fake models of them, and take pictures.
its not real.

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Some aliens do in fact wear clothes. When I lived in Toledo, a ‘grey’ alien approached me for directions to the nearest pub. He (or she, I could’nt tell) was dressed up in a rather snazzy sport jacket with jeans and typical office shoes.

And, get this, while we were talking. He pulled out some kind of device. I’d be quick to say if it was a cell phone, Im not sure. Suddenly I felt a blinding light with a little sparkly and euphoric sensation. The rest of the day was a fog, and I remember going in and out of conciousness.

Hope this helps.

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Great question. Any sensible alien would wear bermuda shorts, an Hawaiian shirt, a lei, and have a Mai-Tai in each of its six tentacles. After travelling hundreds of light years, anyone would need several drinks. I’m an ex-submariner and when we reached port after a mere two month deployment, we needed beer. Lots of beer. Nudist, non-drinking aliens are obviously fake.

scottsdalehigh64 | March 4th, 2010 at 1:52 am

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There is no physical evidence for the existence of any beings from another planet.

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about 10 years ago in antartica explorers found a hollow gun, like a gun casing or shell, it was made from an unknown metal and believed to be on the earth for thousands of years probably alien.

oddly amusing | March 7th, 2010 at 3:48 pm

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If they really do exist, they will probably have evolved into a higher class of lifeforms. They can probably do something with their minds. Instead of carrying around a handheld device, they could just fry you with their brains. Their skin could excrete staining poison, so clothing wouldn’t be the brightest idea.